Sponsors and Nonprofits offer lots of fun at Gallery Night Pensacola

Nonprofit Organizations

We are honored to provide space for a number of nonprofits each month to help these organizations reach a wider audience and share their story & mission.

Gallery Night Pensacola is accepting Non-Profits for our monthly events. We are moving towards a more formal application process, so please be patient with us as we make this transition. The application will open and close according to the schedule below:

July 21st “Sustainable Summer”


Open Now (Please understand, preference is being given to June’s selected organizations due to the event’s cancellation.)

Closes, Monday, July 3rd at 5 pm

August 18th “Wonder Years”


Opens, Thursday, July 27th

Closes, Monday, August 7th at midnight

September 15th “Fashion Week”


Opens, Thursday, August 24th

Closes, Tuesday, September 5th at midnight

October 20th “Trick ~or~ Treat”


Opens, Thursday, September 21st

Closes, Monday, October 2nd at midnight

November 17th “Giving the Gift of Art”


Opens, Thursday, October 26th

Closes, Monday, November 6th at midnight

December 15th “Miracle on Palafox Street”


Opens, Thursday, November 23rd

Closes, Monday, December 4th at midnight

After the application closes, the submissions will be reviewed and the selected applicants will receive an invitation to participate email within one week of the application closing. If your organization is not selected, you will receive a waitlist email. Should an opening become available due to cancellation or no-payment, a GNP representative will reach out via email to the applicant next in line.

Want to be considered for inclusion as a Nonprofit at an upcoming Gallery Night Pensacola?