Sponsors and Nonprofits offer lots of fun at Gallery Night Pensacola

Nonprofit Organizations

We are honored to provide space for eight nonprofits each month to help them reach a wider audience and share their story and mission.

HER Foundation

“We are a Foundation expressly serving Homeless Women Veterans. We will be selling Framed and Unframed Art created by a Fellow Veteran”

V.M.A.Q. Monument Foundation

Our Foundation’s goal is raise enough funds to place a USMC EA-6B Prowler aircraft monument in the Naval Air Station Aviation Museum, Pensacola, FL in April 2020 timeframe; to honor and preserve our storied Marine Aviation legacy to those who served & supported American combat deployments all over the world from our four squadrons for over 4 decades!

Waterfront Rescue Mission

Waterfront Rescue Mission will participate at Gallery Night with their spoon project, spoon artwork created by veterans to raise money for Waterfront.

Want to be considered for inclusion as a Nonprofit at an upcoming Gallery Night Pensacola?