Gallery Night Artists displaying work on Palafox Street in Downtown Pensacola


Gallery Night artists are an elite group of talented creators who share their art with thousands of visitors. At each event, Gallery Night Pensacola selects one extraordinary creator to be our Featured Artist.


“My name is Aylin Janssen but Online my art is known as 404UnknownArtist. I am currently a freelance artist and a full-time student going for a degree in Graphic Design and Media Arts.”

kindled arts gallery night artist of leather goods and fine art

Aaron Lynn // Kindled Arts

Founded in 2017, Kindled Arts is more than just a brand, it is all about creative expression through artistry and superior craftsmanship of fine art and handmade leather goods.

Alexus Schultz

Working with interesting and dynamic shapes and colors, Schultz creates canvas paintings that are pleasing to the eye.

Amores by Kei

Amores by Kei creates unique fashion jewelry/accessories for all ages, and specializes in adjustable cord bracelets and laser cut acrylic charms.

Ax & Anvil

Rob Wacker’s Ax and Anvil is full of eclectic found art using scrap medal and found objects to create humanoid or automotive-inspired sculptures. See his display in the back of his vintage truck and view his large selection of one-of-a-kind pieces.

B. Ray Pennington

“My creative vision is fueled largely by nostalgia & science. With a hunger to ever expand the boundaries of my imagination, I strive to maintain a level of uncompromising artistic integrity.
As far back as I can remember, I always knew art was my calling. My earliest memories I had a pencil & paper in hand ready to draw whatever ideas came to mind.
My latest focus has been this pseudo 3D mixed media style, which is something I just came across by experimenting with varying textures & media. I wish I could remember how the idea came to me, but it was simply something I tried one day & liked the result, so I continued creating works in this format. My hope is that my work can spread joy & spark a sense of wonder in all who see it.”

Bradley Deal Art

Bradley Deal is a local Pensacola artist focusing primarily on Marine wildlife and landscapes as well as Pensacola icons. See his work on the Graffiti Bridge!

Art by Bradley White at Gallery Night Pensacola

Bradley White

Bradley White’s toon drawings appeal to fiction fans, focusing on Marvel, DC, Star Wars and other characters of many film and tv genres.

Bull Mobley // Bad Bull Leathers

Bull Mobley creates handcrafted leather items from his small workshop/space at Life Storage on Navy Blvd. Bad Bull Leathers features work leathersmithing, portrait work, and sculpture.

Charilyn Ramsay // Stoked Creative

Cherilyn Ramsay of Stoked Creative is a pen and ink artist, creating designs that reflect her love for the ocean and the mountains (just nature in general). Her drawings are high in contrast with intricate detail.

Connor Baldwin

Connor Baldwin Glass works out of First City Art Center to create glass-blown pumpkins, vases, fish and more.

dylan nadsady art pregnant woman

Dylan Nadsady

Dylan Nadsady is an illustrator and fine artist who works in all mediums of analog and digital 2D art and illustration.

East Bay Woodcraft

Melanie Dunlap of East Bay Woodcraft creates hand-carved wood figurines, bowls and more to serve as statement-pieces to adorn your home, lawn or anywhere that a friendly manatee or sea turtle would be welcome.

EAK artwork by Elizabeth Kohler at Gallery Night Pensacola

Elizabeth Kohler

Kohler’s art features nature & wildlife paintings as well as colorful toon drawings of ocean life.


Fiore Florist will be joining Gallery Night to create real and faux-flower creations including flower crowns and headpieces plus smudge sticks and dried floral bunches.

Flaura By L. Richards

Focusing in botanical and floral-themed jewelry, Flaura by L. Richards will showcase boho, breezy jewelry that makes you wish summer never ends.

Graffiti Bridge

The Graffiti Bridge page will showcase art and jewelry made from the hundreds of layers of spray paint chipped from Graffiti Bridge each year, as well as original artwork from many of the graffiti artists working on the bridge each month.

Hunny Hush

Hunny Hush is all hand made, eclectic and rustic one of a kind jewelry. Combing Etched, Mosaic and leathers for every day wares, fun moments and statement pieces. Susan has over 300 styles at all times of bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Art by Sarah Blyden at Gallery Night Pensacola

Imagination Studios

Imagination Studios are unconventional multi-media abstract artist. Our glitter, gold leaf embellishments, and acrylic paintings finished with a topcoat of resin is sure to offer unique one of a kind conversational pieces.

Jaime Shevat

Jaime Shevat’s colorful paintings and close-ups of nature bring a welcome pop of color to the Gallery Night event.

Josee Paulzak

Paulzak’s booth features handmade soaps and bath products including bath bombs in a variety of scents.

June Morrison

June Morrison’s booth features painted acrylics on Canvas, reclaimed wood, and painted, distressed furniture.

Booth for Larry Beat — Bad Habits Lounge Studio at Gallery Night Pensacola

Larry Beat // Bad Habits Lounge Studio

A Gallery Night institution, you can find Larry Beat’s colorful tent – ‘Bad Habits Lounge Studio’ – at Gallery Night displaying brighter-than-life art prints in a variety of themes and subjects.

Loren Miller Art

A 2018 featured artist, Loren Miller is a visual artist from Pensacola, Florida, who specializes in contemporary realism. He describes his style as “Americana-Nouveau”. He creates figurative works in oil, graphite, and charcoal. His works are dark, in earthen tones, and light is used carefully as the tool to create an emotional gravity. His work utilizes classical techniques to imbue the modern elements of everyday life with significance.

Lou Mitchell Courtney

Sculptor Lou Mitchell Courtney has been focused on the medium since 2003, shortly after she moved to Pensacola from North Carolina. You can see her work on Gallery Night, December 20 at the Featured Artist tent at the intersection of Palafox and Romana. After that, you can see her work displayed at Gallery Night Merchant Blue Morning Gallery.

Lozt Solz

Lozt Solz are a small company specializing in handmade jewelry and conversational pieces. Many of the pieces are designed with shells, driftwood, stones, and yeah even trash found on the beautiful beaches and rivers of Pensacola, Florida and surrounding areas.

Luke Baldwin Glass at Gallery Night Pensacola

Luke Baldwin Glass

Working out of First City Arts Center, Luke Baldwin’s booth showcases blown glass artwork including unique vases and seasonal figurines.

Masque Global

Artist Murat Caglaroglu creates leather masks and journals through an ancient process. “Each item is made from a special “ Bageta” leather which has been processed the same way by hand for over 400 years.The leather is submerged in water until it becomes soft and supple.Once it has reach the proper consistency,it is then hand sculpted and shaped. After drying,it reaches its final form with unique leather paints and varnishes.”

Not Just Knots

Diana West’s booth appeals to the plant-lover and hippies among us with handmade pottery and macrame plant hangers and other eclectic crafts.

Jewelry by Oneida Moss at Gallery Night Pensacola

Oneida Moss

Oneida Moss’s booth features stunning stone jewelry in elegant and chunky styles.

Penned and Planned

The Penned and Planned booth features carefully created and curated items including hand-crafted jewelry, drink coaster, keychains and more – perfect for gifting.

Art by Rheana Earnhardt at Gallery Night Pensacola

Rheana Earnhardt

At the Whimsy Witch and Wizard booth, Earnhardt and her husband display hand-carved wizard wands, cute costumes and more whimsical wares.

Rick’s Chainsaw Designs

Rick’s Chainsaw Designs is operated by artist Rick Durgin whose woodworking booth features chainsaw-carved wood totems and sculptures with a tropical, beachy feel.

Ruthless Ray

Raymond Pierce’s art booth Ruthless Ray features pop-focused, brightly colored and cartoonish paintings juxtaposed with dark and spooky subject matter.

Salty Scents

In a variety of local and tropical scents, Salty Scents candles offer hand-poured, wood-wick delights.

Glass art by Samuel Flippo at Gallery Night Pensacola

Samuel Flippo

Samuel Flippo’s booth features hand-blown glass art including vases and pumpkins in bright colors.

Seaglass Beach Cottage

Derick and Buddy Games co-own Seaglass Beach Cottage specializing in beach decor and hand painted signs. Their tropical tent will feature a range of beachy items Pensacola Beach signs to VW bus art and t-shirts.

Sereen Gualtieri Art

“My name is Sereen Gualtieri and my passion as an artist is to share my hope for women and children caught in modern day slavery-human trafficking. For the past ten years I have used my artwork as a platform for awareness on the issue as well as community involvement. I have exhibited in many business, galleries, and events and have sold over 600 pieces of art within the past ten years.”

Southern Ocean Designs

Southern Ocean Designs creates beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted using authentic stones, ceramic, copper, Brass, bone, sterling silver and gold.

Spraying It

At the Spraying It booth, you’ll get much more than static art displays – you can see artist Jordan Wallace creating art LIVE for you to see. Watch him create colorful canvases from stencils and spraypaint to cosmic result!

Jewelry by Tammy Dickens at Gallery Night Pensacola

Tammy Dickens

Using metal and stone, Dickens fashions custom statement pieces and displays them at her Pebble Nest Jewelry & Art booth.

The Plant-Based Potter

Brittany Ripp’s pottery items have a lot of personality – and often times, faces! The Plant-based Potter features hand-thrown pottery bowls, plates, mugs and more in earth tones and attractive shapes.

Art by Torrey Johnson at Gallery Night Pensacola

Torrey Johnson

Torrey Johnson’s paintings feature African American women and southern imagery – his canvases utilizing rustic and reclaimed materials paired with rich colors and textures.

UWF Ceramic Club

The new UWF Ceramic Club will be selling unique mugs, bowls, teapots, jewelry, screen printed t-shirts, vinyl stickers, and even holiday ornaments!

Wyatt’s Fire Ant Foundry

Wyatt’s Fire Ant Foundry creates unique artistic sculptures from casting fire ant colonies. This tent will also feature kitchen and serving items with lightning designs created by using electricity to burn designs into the wood.

Yarn Dance With Chellee

“I handcraft adorable sea creatures using a Japanese artform known as Amigurumi. I also make one of a kind creations that I change for every Gallery Night. Creations that range from unicorns and dragons to dinosaurs and Pokémon.”

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