Gallery Night Artists displaying work on Palafox Street in Downtown Pensacola


Gallery Night artists are an elite group of talented creators who share their art with thousands of visitors. At each event, Gallery Night Pensacola selects one extraordinary creator to be our Featured Artist.

Featured Artist:

Rainbow Glass Productions

Rainbow Glass Productions is a collaboration by Jamie Estes and Andrew Thompson. Jamie and Andrew first met in 2013 while both blowing glass in school at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville, Tennessee. He knew how to blow glass and she was a freshman with no experience. Quickly, they both noticed the other’s work ethic and teamed up. At first, Andrew had all the technical skill and Jamie had all the creative power. Eventually, both could feed off of one another and grow together. Now, they are a great team and continue to get better and better at their craft.

    Alexus Schultz

    Working with interesting and dynamic shapes and colors, Schultz creates canvas paintings that are pleasing to the eye.

    Art by Bradley White at Gallery Night Pensacola

    Bradley White

    Bradley White’s toon drawings appeal to fiction fans, focusing on Marvel, DC, Star Wars and other characters of many film and tv genres.

    Bri Tozour Designs

    A longtime fan of Gallery Night, this is Briana Tozour’s first time attending as an artist! Her work includes delicate and tasteful home design, illustrations, watercolor designs, wood burning and more.

    Bull Mobley // Bad Bull Leathers

    Bull Mobley creates handcrafted leather items from his small workshop/space at Life Storage on Navy Blvd. Bad Bull Leathers features work leathersmithing, portrait work, and sculpture.

    Disa Wright

    “I’m a jack of all trades kind of artist. I do sculpture, crafts, paints, drawing, digital work etc. I really enjoy art in all forms whether it’s visual or not. I’m a spooky person and really enjoy Halloween as my favorite time of year.”

    East Bay Woodcraft

    Melanie Dunlap of East Bay Woodcraft creates hand-carved wood figurines, bowls and more to serve as statement-pieces to adorn your home, lawn or anywhere that a friendly manatee or sea turtle would be welcome.

    EAK artwork by Elizabeth Kohler at Gallery Night Pensacola

    Elizabeth Kohler

    Kohler’s art features nature & wildlife paintings as well as colorful toon drawings of ocean life.

    Flaura By L. Richards

    Focusing in botanical and floral-themed jewelry, Flaura by L. Richards will showcase boho, breezy jewelry that makes you wish summer never ends.

    Jaime Shevat

    Jaime Shevat’s colorful paintings and close-ups of nature bring a welcome pop of color to the Gallery Night event.

    Josee Paulzak

    Paulzak’s booth features handmade soaps and bath products including bath bombs in a variety of scents.

    June Morrison

    June Morrison’s booth features painted acrylics on Canvas, reclaimed wood, and painted, distressed furniture.

    Booth for Larry Beat — Bad Habits Lounge Studio at Gallery Night Pensacola

    Larry Beat // Bad Habits Lounge Studio

    A Gallery Night institution, you can find Larry Beat’s colorful tent – ‘Bad Habits Lounge Studio’ – at Gallery Night displaying brighter-than-life art prints in a variety of themes and subjects.

    Loren Miller Art

    A 2018 featured artist, Loren Miller is a visual artist from Pensacola, Florida, who specializes in contemporary realism. He describes his style as “Americana-Nouveau”. He creates figurative works in oil, graphite, and charcoal. His works are dark, in earthen tones, and light is used carefully as the tool to create an emotional gravity. His work utilizes classical techniques to imbue the modern elements of everyday life with significance.

    Lozt Solz

    Lozt Solz are a small company specializing in handmade jewelry and conversational pieces. Many of the pieces are designed with shells, driftwood, stones, and yeah even trash found on the beautiful beaches and rivers of Pensacola, Florida and surrounding areas.

    Luke Baldwin Glass at Gallery Night Pensacola

    Luke Baldwin Glass

    Working out of First City Arts Center, Luke Baldwin’s booth showcases blown glass artwork including unique vases and seasonal figurines.

    Jewelry by Oneida Moss at Gallery Night Pensacola

    Oneida Moss

    Oneida Moss’s booth features stunning stone jewelry in elegant and chunky styles.

    Art by Rheana Earnhardt at Gallery Night Pensacola

    Rheana Earnhardt

    At the Whimsy Witch and Wizard booth, Earnhardt and her husband display hand-carved wizard wands, cute costumes and more whimsical wares.

    Poe by Robin Hill - Take Wing Art at Gallery Night Pensacola

    Robin Hill // Take Wing Art

    Robin Hill is a Pensacola-based illustrator who uses crosshatching and line-shading to make portraits focusing on notable persons and fictional characters.

    Glass art by Samuel Flippo at Gallery Night Pensacola

    Samuel Flippo

    Samuel Flippo’s booth features hand-blown glass art including vases and pumpkins in bright colors.

    Art by Sarah Blyden at Gallery Night Pensacola

    Sarah Blyden

    Using mix-media like acrylic paint and gold foil, Blyden creates stunning metallic paintings at her booth on Gallery Night.

    Art by Sarah Trawicki at Gallery Night Pensacola

    Sarah Trawicki

    Sarah Trawicki’s art ranges from acrylic pours to handmade candles to seashell art, all can be seen and purchased at her Gallery Night tent.

    Sherrie Stewart

    Stewart enjoys working with resin on various items like coasters and pictures, and also pours prepared resin onto various surfaces to create a nature theme.

    Southern Ocean Designs

    Southern Ocean Designs creates beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted using authentic stones, ceramic, copper, Brass, bone, sterling silver and gold.

    Spraying It

    At the Spraying It booth, you’ll get much more than static art displays – you can see artist Jordan Wallace creating art LIVE for you to see. Watch him create colorful canvases from stencils and spraypaint to cosmic result!

    Jewelry by Tammy Dickens at Gallery Night Pensacola

    Tammy Dickens

    Using metal and stone, Dickens fashions custom statement pieces and displays them at her Pebble Nest Jewelry & Art booth.

    Tim Chandler & Anastasia Reyes

    Father Daughter duo Tim Chandler & Anastasia Reyes team up for their Gallery Night booth, displaying Chandler’s children’s book illustrated by Reyes, as well as hand-painted shoes by Reyes.

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