Gallery Night Artists displaying work on Palafox Street in Downtown Pensacola


Gallery Night artists are an elite group of talented creators who share their art with thousands of visitors. At each event, Gallery Night Pensacola selects one extraordinary creator to be our Featured Artist.

Featured Artist:

Matsuriza Japanese Drummers

Gallery Night welcomes the Matsuriza Japanese Drummers as this month’s featured artist!

Traveling all the way from Orlando, Florida, these fascinating cultural performers can usually be found banging the drums at Walt Disney World in Epcot. The Matsuriza drum troupe will play traditional music like that played in Japan for over 2000 years.

Also performing that night are Lion Dancers, Big Green Japanese Drum Martial Arts, a Cultural Fashion Show and more! Check social media for the event schedule.

3 Muses Studio

“Formerly Whimsy Wands, our new booth is completely sewn items, nerdy aprons, ties and accessories. Our booth set up will be completely open with a table in the center for cufflinks to match the ties and headbands for the ladies to match. Still catering to our nerdy bunch!”

B. Ray Pennington

“My creative vision is fueled largely by nostalgia & science. With a hunger to ever expand the boundaries of my imagination, I strive to maintain a level of uncompromising artistic integrity.”

Bitknight Designs // A Sunflowerdaze

As the Downtown Crowd official Power Couple, Sean and I provide a space for more than one art-loving audience here in Downtown Pensacola. Sean connects with the pop-culture audience through his digital and oil painted illustrations. Meanwhile, I curate conversations with the women and fine art audience curious about my figurative oil paintings.

Brightside Revolutions

“Brightside Revolutions is an art collective showcasing the works of artists couple Amanda Edwards and Ronson Stewart. We specialize in hand made jewelry and mixed media paintings. Amanda hand crafts all the jewelry with a focus in showcasing the beauty in nature and preserving it as a beautiful accessory for years to come. All painting are created by Ronson, with a deep love of colors and the intense relationship that they have with one another. Most subject matter is done with astral and or metaphysical underlying tones but is varied from painting to painting.”

East Bay Woodcraft

Melanie Dunlap of East Bay Woodcraft creates hand-carved wood figurines, bowls and more to serve as statement-pieces to adorn your home, lawn or anywhere that a friendly manatee or sea turtle would be welcome.

Eliza George Artist

“I am a watercolor and digital artist and I sell all original designs! Prints, stickers, greeting cards and original artwork.”

Enlightened crystals OM

“Our art is comprised of intentional tools to be used for energy healing, and created from the natural elements earth provides us. We have unique crystal necklaces hand wrapped in wire, ceremonial chimneas made from bottle gourds, handbundled smudges, bracelets, herbal teas and tinctures for relaxation and dreaming. A very interactive and inviting stand that always draws in a large crowd looking to learn about crystals for free from a certified crystal healer, and to own a piece of a collection that holds a deeper meaning behind the artwork itself. “

Flaura By L. Richards

Focusing in botanical and floral-themed jewelry, Flaura by L. Richards will showcase boho, breezy jewelry that makes you wish summer never ends.

Gage Rodgers

“My name is Gage and I’m a 20 year old artist from the Pace area. My art is described as mainly acrylic and oil painting with watercolor and pen and ink artwork as my secondary.

Jaime Shevat

Jaime Shevat’s colorful paintings and close-ups of nature bring a welcome pop of color to the Gallery Night event.

John Halliday

“John began watercolor painting while traveling through Asia during graduate school. Transitioning from the forgiving chalk pastels as a primary medium took time and patience. This process resulted in John developing a loose and distinct style that he continues to refine.”

Justin Dahlstrom

“I am proud to call myself a Pensacola artist. I think I am lucky that I found out at a very young age not only what I am supposed to be doing, but where and what would be my life’s theme. I am supposed to create art at the beach. And the theme, you probably guessed, the beach and all the wonders of the water.”

Kevin Long // Moxie Woodworking

Pensacola local and veteran owned woodworker who creates high end functional art and decor using exotic hardwoods to include cutting boards, cheese slicers, wine decor and coasters.

Booth for Larry Beat — Bad Habits Lounge Studio at Gallery Night Pensacola

Larry Beat // Bad Habits Lounge Studio

A Gallery Night institution, you can find Larry Beat’s colorful tent – ‘Bad Habits Lounge Studio’ – at Gallery Night displaying brighter-than-life art prints in a variety of themes and subjects.

Light Girl Design

“Nature and local original oil and watercolor paintings, prints and small art goods: bookmarks, magnets, stickers, journals, paint kits By Terri Clauss”

Lozt Solz

Lozt Solz are a small company specializing in handmade jewelry and conversational pieces. Many of the pieces are designed with shells, driftwood, stones, and yeah even trash found on the beautiful beaches and rivers of Pensacola, Florida and surrounding areas.

Masque Global

Artist Murat Caglaroglu creates leather masks and journals through an ancient process. “Each item is made from a special “ Bageta” leather which has been processed the same way by hand for over 400 years.The leather is submerged in water until it becomes soft and supple.Once it has reach the proper consistency,it is then hand sculpted and shaped. After drying,it reaches its final form with unique leather paints and varnishes.”

Jewelry by Oneida Moss at Gallery Night Pensacola

Oneida Moss

Oneida Moss’s booth features stunning stone jewelry in elegant and chunky styles.

Possum and Palmetto

“I create art using handmade natural dyes and paints. My art often depicts wildlife native to the Florida Gulf Coast, including flowers, insects, and mushrooms. While I have always enjoyed drawing, I started creating natural dyes and paints while I worked at Historic Pensacola Village.”

SN Dabson Art

“I paint abstract sea creatures with a focus on bright colors and bold outlines. My work is inspired by the world around me, and has been described as having a balanced mix of calming energy along with powerful imagery. Additionally, I invite children who are visiting my tent to join me in painting- as my art is built with a multitude of layers I can have hundreds of people leave their mark on a piece while still ending with a balanced look in the end.”

Sofia Papagni

“I create multimedia paintings, prints, and jewelry. I use watercolor, inks, and resin to create my pieces and often incorporate other mediums as well. My art is inspired by nature’s beauty and flow, as well as my own personal journey – I am an avid believer in the power of art therapy to heal individuals and societies.”

Summer Sevi & Ivo Alcala // Alla Prima

We are a team of two painters, focusing on oils and mixed media. We focus on the human form, and the emotion that can be portrayed from a simple gaze. Our figurative paintings are a glimpse at emotions and challenges we all face: death, mortality, isolation, triumph, etc. at the same time, we operate Alla Prima Coffee Roaster, I’m which we roast and package coffee beans to help give the juice for other artists’ creative juices. We make “coffee for creatives,” and we are donating a portion of our proceeds to sponsor a solo exhibition at Artel Gallery for an emerging artist. We have both been chosen as the GGCAF’s “Emerging Artists” for 2021.

Wolfy Howell // WolfyWorks

“Finding beauty in the nature that surrounds us has always brought joy to my heart. Using watercolors and illustrative line art I hope to capture these beauties and spike people’s interest in the things they would generally avoid or ignore.”

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