Gallery Night Artists displaying work on Palafox Street in Downtown Pensacola

Lou Mitchell Courtney

“My sculptures are sometimes simply representations of the beauty I see in the world. At other times they are a reflection of my inner world, an exploration of mortality and vulnerability.

The figurative series ‘Cannonballers’ are about letting go of self limiting beliefs and encouraging us to ‘JUMP’ into joy. The heart rattles encourage us to ‘pay attention’. Most recently, a new series is emerging about manifesting our fears in order to evolve from them.

I have worked in many different mediums and scales, painting miniatures on mother of pearl, designing & sculpting prototypes for cast furniture & accessories, painting backdrops for theatre & interior design murals, sculpting & casting small bronze figures, and designing public art sculpture. My primary focus since 2003 has been sculpting in clay.

Originally from North Carolina, I moved to Pensacola, Florida in 1992. I currently teach hand building at First City Art Center and locally my work can be seen at Blue Morning Gallery.”