Gallery Night Artists displaying work on Palafox Street in Downtown Pensacola

Kyle Miller

Kyle Miller creating their ceramic works.

Who is Kyle Miller? 

Queer, Lib., NB, 1st gen. Asian-American, PTSD surviving combat veteran; a mix of these biographical identifiers form Miller as a ceramics artist. Aware, it’s a lot-the question presented is-is there an intersectional space where these identities can peacefully coexist, or have these vastly different experiences just created a non-homogenous amalgamation of a person?

“To me, art is a form of communication. I use my work to immerse audiences in installations that trigger subconscious conversations, the same conversations that run through my mind daily while living in a world where I don’t seem to fit. I’m able to pull anecdotes from these vastly different lives and explore the nuances of intersectionality.”

“In addition to my conceptual work, I’ve begun organizing a national collective of queer ceramicists looking to thrive in the atmospheric-firing community, which is currently reckoning with its reputation for systemically and historically having an unwelcoming, homogeneous, toxically masculine culture. The two primary goals are to: 1. expand firing access to marginalized and underrepresented individuals and 2. implement/foster a safe identity-conscious firing environment.”

Future Endeavors:

Kyle has recently sought granted recognition for his apprenticeship with Maria Spies, legendary Gulf Coast wood-firer. Starting at the end of August, they will travel for their first national tour, organizing firings for the queer atmosphere community. In March 2024, they will show at the National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts in a curated show for queer AAPI ceramicists. They have also been awarded a coveted scholarship to fire with The Oki Doki Studio in upstate New York.


Instagram: @kilnboi