Gallery Night Artists displaying work on Palafox Street in Downtown Pensacola

Cora Lynn // Cora the Crocheting Cow

“My name is Cora Lynch and I’ve got a passion for trying to create modern patterns and clothing
using crochet and knitting. I love to create new and one of a kind pieces and have a real
passion for this and the experimentation that comes with creating entirely new designs. I
especially love creating custom pieces for people, following plans they make and converting
them into a crochetable work of wearable art.

I want to take an old and traditional art and bring a new and modernized life to it with unique and
one of a kind creations. My goal is to take the beautiful, delicate, and vintage qualities of crochet
and turn them into something entirely new, something that fits our generation and its fashion
and art.”

You can follow her on Instagram at CoraTheCrochetingCow!