Gallery Night Artists displaying work on Palafox Street in Downtown Pensacola

B. Ray Pennington

“My creative vision is fueled largely by nostalgia & science. With a hunger to ever expand the boundaries of my imagination, I strive to maintain a level of uncompromising artistic integrity.

As far back as I can remember, I always knew art was my calling. My earliest memories I had a pencil & paper in hand ready to draw whatever ideas came to mind.

My latest focus has been this pseudo 3D mixed media style, which is something I just came across by experimenting with varying textures & media. I wish I could remember how the idea came to me, but it was simply something I tried one day & liked the result, so I continued creating works in this format. My hope is that my work can spread joy & spark a sense of wonder in all who see it.”

Most of my work can be found here:

Quayside Art Gallery
17 Zaragoza St, Pensacola, FL 

Shirley’s Cafe & Bakery
1014 Underwood Ave, Pensacola, FL