Apply to be an ART Vendor

Please follow the guidelines for submission. Applying does not guarantee a spot.


Gallery Night Pensacola includes art vendors during each Gallery Night.  

To participate, please go to the form below and register. 

In the registry, please include full name, email address, cell number, and a description of the art that you will bring to sell. 

2 weeks prior to each Gallery Night, we will send out an invitation to participate via email. 

If you want to participate that month, please respond to the email within 7 days of receiving it. 

We will select somewhere between 20-30 art vendors each month depending on the layout of the event. 

 Since we have more registered artists than spots, we will choose the artists to participate based on the quality of their work and the balance of the types of work so as to avoid repetitive booths.

 Once you receive an acceptance email, then we will send you a link to pay on-line. 

Payment must be registered within 3 days of the acceptance email to save your spot. 

If no payment is received, then we will offer that spot to another artist. 

Payments are non-refundable, and Gallery Night is a "Rain or Shine" event.  

Each artist is responsible for reviewing the state codes for vendors and if they are required to have insurance or to pay sales tax.

Set up is on Palafox in the block between Government and Zarragossa Streets.  Set up begins around 3:30, with the artists unloading their vehicles and placing their tents and items on the sidewalk.  Your vehicle must be moved off of Palafox by 4pm.  The cars clear out between 4-4:30, and then the 10 by 10 tent may be set up on the street.

You will need to bring lighting, 40 foot outdoor cable for electricity, and duct tape to secure your electric cords in walking areas.No vehicle is permitted to return to Palafox to load until the streets are reopened around midnight. 

If you decide to leave prior to street re-opening, then your vehicle needs to be placed on an open side street and loaded there.

There will be representatives of Gallery Night present each night to assist with direction and questions.

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Submit Form Below

please include full name, email address, cell number, and a description of art to sell

Gallery Night Pensacola

Apply to be a Food Vendor



Food Trucks are required to provide the following items to be considered as a Gallery Night vendor:

- Copy of Insurance

- Copy of Health Department Certifications

- Business License

- Photo of Food Truck

- Size of Mobile Unit

- Copy of Menu

If accepted, Food Trucks will be required to abide by the following Rules or risk not be invited back to Gallery Night:

- Food vendors will work in the assigned space they are provided

- Food vendors will clean their entire area of trash and debris and dispose of it at their commissary kitchen and not in the trash receptacles provided by Spotless Logistics

- Food vendors will be unable to move or leave their designated space until the streets have been reopened by the Pensacola Police Department (midnight)

- Food vendors will follow all Gallery Night vendor rules

- Food vendors will act in accordance with all Local, State and Federal laws 


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Gallery Night Pensacola is the 3rd Friday of every Month you can see our Schedule Here